Steps to Abundance
You are Love!
You are a Gift to the world!
​​You are a Spiritual Being!
You are Abundance!
As an Intuitive Life Coach & Relationship Consultant for over 27 years, I use many tools, techniques and approaches to assist in your healing process. I can give you clear guidance when making critical decisions.

When we are angry or frustrated we often find that our needs are not being met; something isn’t working. Reacting with frustration and anger is caused by a trigger. Our beliefs can make us react, which shows up in our thought, feeling and emotion in response to what we learned and experienced. The trigger is caused by an unconscious belief, but we can change that.

The tools I use help transform the beliefs that are not serving you to responses expressing love, being in allowance, joy, abundance, inspiration, love and much more! Manifestation happens when you are ready to access on a subconscious level the beliefs that are holding you back. Delete and replace the old patterns with positive new beliefs. Just by being conscious and knowing the core belief that is triggering your emotions, you can change the course of your life!

You are an incredible conscious infinite being. You deserve to have what is rightfully yours. You deserve to have more love, joy, fun, laughter, bliss, spiritual enlightenment, energy, motivation, money, and abundance, and to have great relationships. Through the decades I spent giving clairvoyant intuitive reading and healing I have given solid information that helped lead to solutions in making critical decisions. This is what I use to help you get answers and find passion and meaning in your daily life. My passion is to help you make the unseen seen.

My intention is to ensure personal attention, integrity, and reliability in all my work. My commitment and priority is to help you to feel safe, nurtured, and valued during your personal and spiritual explorations. I maintain 100% professional confidentiality.
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All readings are kept confidential.

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​​My life theme and path come from a desire and longing to help others rediscover who they are and to heal on many different levels. Helping others to become their most radiant selves is my life path.

​​We are meant to love and connect to the Source, be abundant, care for each other, create and evolve. Our nature is to inspire, to experience, to be abundant, to have joy, happiness and much more! We are here to fully embrace spirituality, ourselves, self-acceptance, self-worth and self-trust.
"Let the waters settle and you will see the moon and the stars mirrored in your own being."  Rumi
  • What is your greatest challenge to feeling empowered and happy in your life?
  • Have you ever wondered if there's a better way to have more satisfying relationships?
  • Do you know who you really are?​​​
  • Are you following your heart's desire?
Awakened Heart
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My mission comes from a desire and longing to help you rediscover who you are, to assist you in your healing process and to help you correct your patterns, your life conditioning and your emotional pain that takes you away from the truth of who you are. As a vessel of the Divine for this work, I was created to be of service and to speak with truth and integrity and to create a space for you to feel safe in total confidentiality. This is serving the Divine in a beautiful way. I am a catalyst for change, bringing insight to those who are ready to receive. Helping you to become your most radiant self is my life path.