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Anjellea Godwin

If you are like most of my clients who are tired of trying to figure out what they are here to do, and frustrated trying to find the love of their life and not feeling motivated to move forward in life, or trying too hard to create a better life, struggling and feeling burn out, you are not alone!  Challenges can be a wake-up call to help us move forward in certain areas in our lives.

By understanding the Essence of who you are and your strategy and by knowing how to leverage your current situation you can create a life with greater awareness, peace of mind, success, and deeper and more fulfilling connections with others and loved ones with ease and joy!

What does a Life Coach do?  A Life Coach is someone who helps you achieve your true desires and goals and helps you get clear in your direction in life.  Whether it’s to create balance and harmony in your work space or create better harmonious and meaningful relationships or improve relationships with your partner, spouse or family, or to grow spiritually and acquire spiritual meaning of life.  Whatever your heart truly desires in your life.  A Life Coach listens very carefully to the words you use and never judges or criticizes.  A Coach makes you feel supported and values your personal issues.  A Life Coach builds and develops rapport, inspires and motivates as well as understands your issues.

3.  Uses techniques to help turn off negative mind chatter so infinite possibilities can emerge.

4.  Helps you break down goals into easy and simple to follow DOING steps.

5.  Helps set goals and discusses your challenges and accomplishments from the week before.

6.  Co-creates (with you!) sustainability and accountability.

7.  Life Coaching assignments to achieve results.

8.  Supports you with weekly one-on-one private coaching calls.

9.  Gives you personalized attention.

As a Relationship, Health, Spiritual and Wellness Coach for over 20 years, my job is to help you reach your goals so you can receive amazing and massive results and BE, DO and HAVE what is rightfully yours.  100% confidentiality. 

Have any questions? E-mail me with your name, phone number and a brief description of your concern. or leave a message at: 636.489.2485

 By understanding the Essence of who you are & Your Life Strategy You can Fulfill your Dreams, have Better Relationships

and Get the Most out of Life!

Hi, my name is Anjellea Godwin, and I’ve been helping people with relationships for over 20 years. I’m a    Relationship Coach and a Spiritual and Metaphysical Guide.  Also, founder of “Awakened Heart Transformation Coaching."   I’ve worked with thousands of people in a variety of settings—private in-person and phone consultations, lectures, presentations, fairs, universities, retreats, spas, and more.

What does a Relationship Coach do?

How does a Life Coach Work?

 ***A Life Coach is not a therapist or counselor but helps you achieve your goals and desires.

A Life Coach is one who helps people make huge changes in their lives and get lasting results.  A Life Coach

inspires and guides those seeking self-empowerment and self-renewal, and creates a safe environment for self-discovery. A Life Coach:

1.  Helps keep you focus and stay on track with your goals until you have reached your desired results.

2.  Uses powerful coaching tools that assist in removing inner roadblocks and in finding solutions to challenges

     you’re experiencing while you are striving for your desire and goal.

  • Are you constantly stressed about your current situation?
  • Do you desire an irresistible partner in a lasting relationship?
  • Do you desire to know who you really are so you can live from an authentic place?
  • Do you feel burn out most of the time just to live a better life?
  • Do you desire to be seen, heard and recognized for who you are?
  • Do you desire to feel more confident about YOU consistently?
  • Do you desire to attract relationships that make you feel alive and support you, emotionally and spiritually.
  • If you said yes to any of these questions, You are not alone!

Anjellea – You are amazing!  The gifts you’ve given me are profound.  It’s like you knew me inside out. You turned me inside out gently so I could see my underbelly lovingly, without judgment gently as if from a distance. You paved the path for

my inner journey with gorgeous early stone guiding me to my inner sanctum.  My true essence w/ light & Love. I treasure U & your gifts Tracey – St. Louis, MO. – April, 2014

Anjellea is a loving master of healing in many forms.  Her understanding of astrology, nutrition, and spirituality is as wide as it is deep.  She is a blessing in my life and has been a catalyst for change. MHW St. Louis, MO. – August, 2014

Anjellea is wonderful when coaching providing valuable health advice in an accepting and loving manner. By her usage of the 5 transformational energies (astrology), she was able to tell us what foods are best for our body.  Thank you for inspiring us to be responsible for our food choices for an optimal health and wellness life. Lucinda and Timoth, St. Louis, MO. – August, 2014

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